Coachwerks is first and foremost a workshop, with an eclectic range of businesses, artists and creatives using the space for their work. We’ve got artists working with clay and stone, woodworkers, beer makers, music makers and more…

We don’t always have spaces available, but get in touch if you’re interested in working here…

Have a look below for more info on who’s working here at the moment…

Hey, I’m Rachel and I make pots. Website:





I’m Matt and I make beer here with Bartleby’s Brewery





I’m Jane and I do stone carving





Hello, I’m Tommo. I’m a composer, musician, sound designer and a Don Bradman. I share a studio with Ryan and Carly. Outside of Coachwerks I present The Sonic Fauna Show on local radio station Radio 4A.




I’m Alice. I make cups. Website:





I’m Ryan. Noize Musician. Vegan Chef in the cafe Hail Seitan. Techno DJ. Satanarchist!





I’m Chris and I take 3D Designs and turn them into objects using 3D Printing. Currently I’m using a FDM (fused deposited modelling) printer which I built from a kit. I print mostly with PLA (ploy lactic acid) aka plant/corn starch, which is a type of plastic. I also support projects which involve recycling the failed prints. I am a maker, engineer and technologist and have done projects with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I am interested in the internet of things, computer vision and 3D scanning. Website: (Photos of 3D Printed Items and project photos). Follow me on Twitter. Upload 3D Design files (STL’s) for printing to my 3D Hub.


Hi, we are Megan, Hazel & Bill and together we run Coachwerks Wholefoods shop





Hi, I’m Matt and I also make beer here with Bartleby’s Brewery





I’m Rachel. I make photo animations that navigate real journeys.  Website





I’m Ed and I help run The Green Room - the community hub at Coachwerks.





Hi, my name is Catherine. I make upcycled jewellery using mainly beads as well as other materials that are themselves recycled, old or restored. The beads I collect come from many different sources and places and they tend to be mainly made from natural materials i.e. Glass, wood, shell, bone, clay, horn, tropical seeds, silver, copper, amber, semi-precious stones, vegetable ivory, and so on. I also run beads workshops mainly with children at various occasions such as my children’s various school parties, at festivals and other community events.


Hello, I’m Mark, I’m a Musician and Producer





Hi, I am Heidi and I make samples for art projects that I do with the children I teach. I also have my own creative ventures which are mainly illustrative and decorative-based.




John - I work with visible and invisible light.





Hola, I’m Joe and I’m a musician, producer and DJ





ChrisCHello, I’m Chris and I mainly make sculptural lights and garden artefacts from scrap copper





Hello, I’m Ben and I’m into music production/ composition & arrangement