The Hail Seitan Vegan Cafe & Restuarant has finally arrived! Were a collective of vegan chefs who have a taste for intense flavour, maximum nutrition, DIY ethics and distrust of kitchen hierarchy. We wanted to do shit our own way, with attitude, so along with the help of the Coachwerks collective, we built a kitchen! And it rocks!

Come hang out, we’re open as a Cafe on:

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday / 10am - 5pm

and as a Restaurant:

Thursday / 7pm - 10pm (Rabbit Food - bookings only!)
Eat The Rich (last Saturday of every month) - 3 Course Meal! - Bookings Only!

To book a table email [email protected], check the Hail Seitan’s website or call Ryan on 07722831413.

We are also available for events (at coachwerks or elsewhere), as well as catering for elections, techno parties, funerals, that sort of thing.